Tombstone is a town many know because of the famous O.K. Corral gunfight, but the city has come a long way since that fateful day in 1881. With the wide-ranging mountains and an endless horizon of yellow and orange skies, it’s a beautiful paradise in Arizona that the United States federal government recognized as an American Viticultural Area in 2016.

Upon this recognition, Equine and Wines conducted their own soil study in 2017 and found that nearly 2,000 acres of their property is rated A and B for vineyards. Just two years later, on March 22, 2019, Equine and Wines officially broke ground on the 22,000 acres of fertile and pastoral land to bring vineyards, a luxury equine facility and likely many more amenities to the area. Land and vineyard investors, wine-loving homeowners, and horse enthusiasts, among others, are coming together to capitalize on the beautiful scenery and tourism already thriving in Cochise County.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

Equine and Wines’ team aims to bring their economically advantageous vineyards and equine facility to Tombstone to help spread the health, wealth, and happiness throughout the Arizona mountains. In fact, those looking for an alternative investment who stake their claim on at least 10 acres will enjoy a 50/50 profit split, and all the hard work is done for them!

Working with Silver Thread Vineyard Management, a division of Equine and Wines, investors will enjoy seeing their crops flourish using eco-conscious agricultural practices. Equine and Wines will then craft the fine wine, bottle the product, and sell it.

The move is seeking to employ local residents in their endeavor. A resident of Tombstone (Jack Feather) has already been selected as the project manager and was specifically told by Equine and Wines founder, Tom Heshion, to ensure local residents are employed first before looking outside Cochise County. In fact, 95 percent of the land will remain under the operation of Tombstone Cattle Company.

Wine Tourism is Ripening

Arizona has already seen a steady increase in agritourism, with Cochise County making its way to the top of the list of the most visited and profitable destinations in the state. There are already several wineries within the area and, by investing in your own vineyard, you can easily put yourself at the top of that list.

The mayor of Tombstone, Dusty Escapule, is positive that having Equine and Wines just across the street will only bring more economic success to the people who make up the city and the state as a whole.

“It is a beautiful part of this area; it’s part of the old Cowan ranch,” he said. “When Tom first approached me about the idea of putting in a vineyard, I thought it was an excellent idea. I think another industry in Tombstone would be a great thing.”

Join in the Dream

It does not take much to get started on your part of their investment. In fact, it only takes as little as $10,000 to start on your journey to everlasting sunsets, horseback riding, and, in just a few short years, over a million dollars in profits. Equine and Wines works with all investors, no matter their level of experience, to make sure they have the best return on investment possible.

Whether you would like to invest in land to raise your horses or create the vineyard of your dreams, Cochise County is the perfect place to do so. There is no doubt that anyone taking advantage of these opportunities will thrive for years to come with Equine and Wines.


Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She often covers the latest developments in HR, business communication, recruiting, real estate, law, finance, and investing.      


Tombstone, Southern Arizona