In partnership with the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA), Metro Phoenix Export Alliance (MPEXA) has hired Dawn Nagle as Director. Nagle will oversee the MPEXA initiatives, identifying exporting pathways for Arizona businesses. She brings a strong background in exporting, previously serving as Trade Commissioner with the Canadian Consulate in Phoenix and many years in global technology sales with companies such as Northrop Grumman and Compuware Corporation.

As part of the Velocity Program and funded by JP Morgan Chase, MPEXA and the Metro Phoenix Export Plan represent a collaboration between the Global Cities Initiatives and metro Phoenix export stakeholders dedicated to building a stronger export-driven regional economy. With education and increased sales being top priorities of small business owners, MPEXA will become a resource for small businesses helping them identify and take advantage of exporting opportunities. MPEXA will be educating companies who have not exported in the past to recognize the opportunities available.

“MPEXA will create opportunities for small businesses that they didn’t know existed,” states Rick Murray, ASBA CEO. “ASBA is excited to be part of this new initiative, furthering the growth and development of our economy.”

The initiatives created by MPEXA are making exporting easier and more straightforward for companies, helping them realize our customers are no longer just in our neighborhoods.