The Senate passed the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) Thursday, sending one of President Donald Trump’s top priorities to his desk for ratification.

The GOP-held chamber approved the  trade agreement in an overwhelming 89-10 vote. After Trump signs the three-nation pact, it needs only Canada’s approval to take effect.

“The ratification of the USMCA represents a historic day for Arizona, our nation, and our trade relationships,” said Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. “This new trade agreement means more jobs and opportunities in Arizona. And it paves the way for even more trade in the future. As a trade powerhouse, Arizona stands to gain big with this updated agreement in place. Already, trade with Mexico and Canada supports more than 228,000 Arizona jobs and $20 billion annually. The USMCA will strengthen these relationships and set the stage for a new generation of closer economic ties with our international neighbors.”

The Senate rushed to pass the agreement before the expected start of the president’s impeachment trial next week. The House delivered articles of impeachment to the upper chamber on Wednesday, and the Senate could take weeks to decide whether to convict Trump and remove him from office.

“Passage of this critical bipartisan trade agreement ensures that Arizona remains globally competitive in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape,” said Todd Sanders, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber. “Finalizing the USMCA showcases our country’s commitment to thriving economic relationships with our neighbors.”

USMCA will head to the president more than 14 months after the North American nations agreed to the deal. The Trump administration worked with Democrats to resolve concerns about enforcement of labor and environmental standards — changes that led most but not all of the party’s lawmakers to support the agreement.

“This deal required plenty of give and take on all sides and was never guaranteed,” Ducey said. “I credit the administration and everyone involved for their persistence and hard work to make this monumental achievement happen. I also thank Senator Sinema, Senator McSally and the entire delegation for their unanimous support.”

The Senate’s passage of USMCA came a day after Trump signed a partial trade deal with China. The agreement with Beijing does not require congressional approval.

“It’s a new day for trade in Arizona and around the country,” Ducey said. “Arizona looks forward to building on these exciting opportunities to bring even more jobs to our state.”