Did you know that KFC’s founder, Harland Sanders became a millionaire at the age of 74?

TheSeniorList today released a study titled Striking it Rich After 50 which analyzed the percentage of seniors working in every state across America using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The study found Arizona ranks No. 44 with the highest percentage of people 55 and older in the labor force at 36.4%.

While many seniors are working to simply make ends meet, the study highlights 10 historical figures who got rich after the age of 50, to serve as inspiration that you are never too old to make your fortune.

10 historical figures who got rich after 50:

1.     Harland Sanders: “Colonel” Sanders, the Founder of KFC, became a millionaire at 74

2.     Charles Darwin: Became wealthy after he published “The Origin of Species” at 50

3.     Taikichiro Mori: Japanese economics professor quit his job at 55 to become a real estate tycoon

4.     Ray Kroc: Convinced the McDonald’s brothers to franchise the fast food restaurant at 52

5.     Grandma Moses: Had her art featured at the Museum of Modern Art at the age of 78

6.     Wally Amos: Sold the “Famous Amos” cookie brand at age 49

7.     Pablo Picasso: The famous artist didn’t become a major success until his later years

8.     Laura Ingalls Wilder: Published her first book in the famous “Little House” series at 65

9.     Henry Ford: Introduced the first mass-production moving assembly line for cars at 50

10.  Judge Judy: Her infamous TV show first aired when Judy was 54 years old

Here are three interesting findings from the study:

1. Employed after 55: Today, 40% of the 55+ population are either employed or actively looking for work as opposed to 30% back in 1990.

2. Unemployment Rates: Seniors, 55+, have lower unemployment rates than other age groups

3. Median income: Those between 45-54 have the highest household income level of all age groups