HMK Holdings LP has officially moved its headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona. The move, which was voted by board majority, is poised to create more than 2,000 new jobs within the broadcast media sector within the state and provide more than $100 million in new taxable payroll.

Gowi Tiwani, chief of operations for  HMK Holdings LP, said,  “To provide stable job opportunities within any business sector is our most valuable asset as an organization.  It provides the needed hope that an economy may prosper and we are honored to bring this to the state of Arizona.”

The Limited Partnership, operating as a US domiciled bank holdings company, has key global markets covered through its holdings and partners within the UK and China. When asked if the move was financially driven, Tiwani continued, “If your bottom line is the only focus for an organization, its financial balance sheet will always be out of balance. Creating jobs and adding good people, gives us a reason to strive to achieve every day.  Pride within a community gives the balance sheet a reason to exist, not a profit margin.”