Dear Arizona Business Magazine

It’s outrageous that some in Washington want to cut Social Security to 
help balance our federal books budget.

Social Security did not contribute 
to our financial mess and should not be used as a piggy bank to pay down 
our debt. If it weren’t for Social Security, millions of Americans like me 
would have had little to depend on during this economic nightmare.

don’t understand how this program, which touches the lives of virtually 
every American family and has performed so well during this crisis, is 
now being targeted by fiscal hawks as “unaffordable.” 

It seems like every time I read the paper or turn on the TV, I learn about 
new budget proposals on Capitol Hill to raise the retirement age, means 
test Social Security or reduce the COLA.

As a senior, I understand the 
need for fiscal responsibility and want a prosperous future for my 
grandchildren. However, I also know that we don’t have to rob from Social 
Security to meet those goals, and I worry our grandchildren may ultimately 
need Social Security even more than we do.


Linda Miller


Thank you Linda for letter to the editor about Social Security Cuts.