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Expert offers 10 tips to sell more this year

10 Jan

It’s the start of a New Year and everyone from startups to big established companies set a sales goal, or…

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Businesses see continued growth in 2019, Chase says

8 Jan

Most small and midsize U.S. businesses have a positive outlook for the domestic economy and expect their businesses to continue…

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3 stages of lead generation to get better leads

7 Jan

Generating quality, qualified leads is something every business wants. It’s not easy to do without marketing experience; many businesses leave…

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How the new Farm Bill impacts Arizona

5 Jan

Given hemp is estimated to grow into a $20 billion industry by 2022, it was likely a measure to legalize…

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Arizona leads nation in small business wage growth

2 Jan

The Paychex | IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch closed the year with a decline in small business job growth…

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Arizona ranks among Top 5 states in new residents, growth

1 Jan

More people are moving to Arizona than almost anywhere in the country, according to the latest annual census report. Over…

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The basics of monetizing your business

28 Dec, 2018

Monetization – our favorite word that no one understands. We have a saying that describes our clients’ feelings, “I don’t…

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How to improve your business’ profitability

18 Dec, 2018

Improving your business’ profitability is every company’s goal. You need to continue to grow so that you can please your…

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GoPro moving U.S.-bound production out of China

10 Dec, 2018

GoPro, Inc. today announced that it plans to move most of its US-bound camera production out of China by the summer of 2019…

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Cactus League economic impact makes double-figure jump

5 Dec, 2018

Saager Buch made his way to groups sitting on the lawns of Cactus League ballparks. One by one, he rattled…

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