Financial literacy and education is a critical life lesson, one that can have a big impact throughout life.

Recent studies show that Americans have a “low level” of financial literacy – struggling to understand basic principals.

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union wants to change this by preparing students early in their life. By partnering with Brass MEDIA Inc., Desert Schools is subsidizing the use of The Money Side of Life website – a new digital platform that offers personal finance curriculum for young adults.

The Money Side of Life provides teaching tools, resources and student guides for high school students on a variety of financial topics including budgeting, saving, college prep and investing. The curriculum on the website meets national and state standards, an added bonus for teachers. Valued at $2,000 per school, access to this website is now free for Maricopa County public schools for the 2016-2017 school year through Desert Schools’ sponsorship. Teachers at public schools in can register at

Studies have shown that students who received financial education early in life have better attitudes and behaviors toward money management later in life. Those that receive financial education in grade or high school are shown to be more financially responsible, less likely to be in debt, more likely to pay credit card bills on time and less likely to go over their credit limit – proving the importance for financial literacy in schools.

“Financial well-being and education is an important pillar of Desert Schools’ mission. This partnership with Brass MEDIA is instrumental in allowing us to support local students in their path to financial literacy,” said Susan Frank, CEO of Desert Schools.

“Our goal at Brass MEDIA is to provide direct, intelligent and entertaining content about money and finances to young adults. Now with The Money Side of Life website and our partnership with Desert Schools, we will be able to reach hundreds more students than last year in Arizona,” said Dr. Steven L. Sims, CEO of Brass MEDIA Inc. “We hope that local teachers will embrace this platform and take full advantage of the resources that are offered.”

Easily accessible via any device that can connect to the internet, The Money Side of Life is intended to be a welcomed addition to any teacher’s financial and life-planning curriculum.