Expect More Arizona, a nonpartisan education advocacy organization committed to ensuring all children receive a world-class education, has launched “Today In AZ” – an inspiring grassroots campaign designed to motivate and empower parents in Arizona to make a difference by “leading from where they are.”

“Throughout our state’s history, Arizonans have proven we can do great things when we put our minds to it and work together,” said Pearl Chang Esau, president and CEO of Expect More Arizona. “Hard work and determination are trademarks we can be proud of, yet our state’s education record is troubling. Despite recognizing the education challenges in our state and wanting the best for our children, most Arizonans are simply unaware of ways they can be a part of the solution. Expect More Arizona believes everyone has a role to play, and it’s as easy as taking one simple action, every day.”

Today In AZ includes an aspiring video and interactive website, which provides the information, tools and encouragement people need to contribute to the movement for world-class education for all Arizona students, every day. Visitors to Today In AZ will see a daily calendar with a simple task to complete for the day – thank teachers, make sure their kids are getting enough sleep and find ways to turn play time into learning time.

Esau notes that individually, each of these actions may appear modest, but gathered together and multiplied across tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the state, these seemingly small acts have the power to swell into a movement of extraordinary proportions.

In addition to the website and statewide awareness launch, Today In AZ will harness the power of Thunderclap, a crowd-speaking platform that shares messages and initiatives via social media channels. Thunderclap users are able to amplify messages by donating their social media audience when a targeted number of users is reached.

Expect More Arizona will build a coalition of support from its partners and the public who will use their collective social media reach to build to a “tipping-point” where a single message – “You can do one thing Today In AZ to help make education in Arizona world-class. Get started Today” – and associated video will be shared with thousands of Facebook and Twitter friends and followers.

Participants will be able to broadcast their passion for improving education in Arizona across all social networks and let friends and followers know that “today is the day they can start making a difference.” The target date to “tip” the Thunderclap and share the unifying message is March 18.