Supporting future engineers and advancing STEM as the world’s leader in force measurement solutions, Interface has launched a specialized University Program that provides discounted products and services, educational materials and access to test and measurement experts.

The new Interface University Program offers higher education institutions and students with reductions on the industry’s most accurate and reliable force measurement products and services to accelerate research and development, advance science, perform accurate testing, and promote exploration.

Through the new program, Interface is also providing educational support in the form of internships, R&D projects, sponsored test and measurement class projects, grants and community STEM programs. 

“Our goal is to empower engineering students to achieve their educational and career goals with the help of our exclusive Interface University Program,” said Joel Strom, CEO, Interface. “The program will make critical engineering tools, services and professional support more accessible to universities and colleges’ faculty and engineering students. This program provides best in class test and measurement products, specialized solution bundles and discounts on products and services that will enrich engineering and metrology program experiences.”

The Interface University Program Includes: 

Interface Standard Products:

• Get Started Bundle with Interface LowProfile®, Sealed S-Type and Mini Beam Load Cells, Torque Transducer, Indicator and more at 25% off

• Load Cell 101 Field Guide by Interface Engineers

• 10% off all standard products and additional loyalty program discount programs

Interface Calibration and Repair Services:

• Expedited repair services with special discounts

• 25% off 3-year annual calibration services programs for maintenance

Education Support:

• Internships for R&D at Interface HQ in Arizona

• R&D projects

• Sponsored test and measurement class projects or challenges

• Failure testing projects

• Onsite engineering hours: class, speaking, events

Interface provides force measurement solutions and services to hundreds of universities every year. The company’s founder, Richard F. Caris, was a major proponent of charitable giving to STEM-focused institutions and programs. In 2015, Caris donated $20 million to the University of Arizona Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab to support construction of mirrors used for the Giant Magellan Telescope. The Mirror Lab has utilized Interface products in its mirror polishing process for the past twenty years.

“Interface has been a long-time partner of the University of Arizona,” said Buell Jannuzi, Ph.D., Steward Observatory director and head of the Department of Astronomy, University of Arizona. “Their commitment to STEM and support of the Mirror Lab has been critical to our efforts, as well as the education of our students.” 

For more information on the program and for a detailed breakdown of special offers, services and educational support, please visit or contact our application engineers at 480-948-5555.