Four Arizona college students became the first winners of the LeadershipYOU Career Coaching Event, receiving career advice from a local entrepreneur and a helicopter tour.

The winners flew in a helicopter over Phoenix and Scottsdale, which was flown by Dr. John Shufeldt, author of the book “LeadershipYOU: Your Future Starts With You.”

The contestant winners also received a career coaching session, lunch and a signed copy of Shufeldt’s newest Outlier Series book, “LeadershipYou: The Future Starts with You”

Students were selected for the coaching event after a social media competition that involved liking and reposting a photo from Shufeldt’s Instagram. Each winner was randomly selected.

Shufeldt created the event as a way to mentor students on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. He outlines 10 key qualities, in “LeadershipYOU: Your Future Starts With You,” on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Each winner also received a career counseling coaching session at the Scottsdale quarter with Shufeldt. He has written seven out of the 17 Outlier Series books, a series that looks at how folks become and how to become empowered.

Shufeldt believes one of the most important qualities is humility.

“I was so inspired by the young leaders I met today,” Shufeldt said. “Per Usual, I learned much more from them than they did from me.”

This was the first time the ‘young outliers’ were in a helicopter.

The contestants were eager to receive career advice from Shufeldt especially since many of them are ready to graduate college and begin their careers.

“I want to be an entrepreneur but I am an author right now,” said Malique Washington. “I’m happy John is an author himself, maybe he can teach me some ways to promote your book and get your name out there.”

The contest will be held again this fall. For those who applied and did not win, Shufeldt advises them to seek and reach out to three mentors to advise them for their careers.