The Matrix Real Estate Investor Network recently purchased a downtown Phoenix office building with plans to turn it into a Real Estate Investing School.

The building, located at 2406 S. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034, is finished being renovated and now accepting the real estate investing classes. At the facility, students learn everything from real estate investing basics through advanced real estate investing strategies.

“The idea was to create an actual real estate investing university where people can get an actual real estate investing education,” says Matrix Real Estate Investor Network CEO Daniel Scott.

For years, Scott says, people hoping to get a real estate investing education have been getting conned by “fly-by-night real estate investing gurus” who skip out on town as soon as the check is cleared.

“We are in Phoenix to stay and our facility will continue to be a place of learning and real estate investing opportunities for our graduates,” he says.

As an educational facility, the Matrix building offers substantial benefit to the real estate investing Phoenix individual. In addition to being a learning facility, the Matrix building also houses a real estate investment company actually doing deals in the geographic area where they are coaching future real estate investing entrepreneurs.

Laws are different everywhere and, if your Real Estate Coach isn’t actively doing deals in the area they are instructing in, how can they teach? At the Matrix building, students will learn all about the laws and nuances of investing in the Phoenix Real Estate Market from recognized experts.

“Utilizing techniques that we teach in our classes, we were able to leverage our capital and obtain this beautiful building. The building is very nearly ten thousand square feet and I decided to turn the bulk of that space into a a school offering real estate investing for beginners and advanced studies. The Phoenix Real Estate Market is a relatively untapped resource right now and is poised for explosive growth in the future,” Scott says.

Prospective students can call The Matrix Real Estate Investor Network, or inquire online, about upcoming real estate investing courses. There is even financial aid for advanced commitment and studies. Using techniques and strategies learned at The Matrix, individuals can even pursue real estate investing as a career.

“It was great to obtain an old building like this, renovate it, and turn it into a place of learning. And really, this is what our program is all about; leveraging capital to obtain distressed properties to create an opportunity. With the real estate investing education we will give our clients, we will empower them to do exactly that too,” Scott adds.