Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University has appointed Nobel Laureate Leland Hartwell as an honors faculty member fall 2019. Barrett is the only honors college in the nation with a Nobel Prize recipient on its full-time faculty. 

Hartwell, along with Paul Nurse and Tim Hunt, won the Nobel Prize in ‘Physiology or Medicine’ in 2001 for their discovery of protein molecules that control the division of cells. 

As an honors professor, he will teach an applied research course where students learn how to craft research questions and design experiments to test their hypotheses. The courses will change in focus from semester to semester, but all will challenge students to be self-directed learners and researchers. 

Honors students from any major, and as early in their first year in the university, can sign up for his courses. His first course, commencing in fall 2019, will focus on research and experiments to learn more about the human senses.

“Our students have the unique opportunity to work with a scholar who has completely transformed the boundaries of human knowledge and to learn from him about how to question, create and innovate,” said Barrett Vice Dean, Nicola Foote. “I can’t imagine a better learning opportunity for undergraduate students.”

Hartwell first joined Arizona State University (ASU) in 2010 holding positions in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and School of Sustainability and directed honors studies in sustainability, biomedical engineering, biology and computer science. 

“I admire the enthusiasm and dedication Barrett students bring into the classroom and am excited to work exclusively with Barrett and its students,” said Hartwell.

Hartwell also plans to continue to direct the programs he instituted at ASU, including Sustainability Science, a course for pre-service K-8 teachers, and HoneyBee, a program overseeing a series of small clinical trials using wearable devices to monitor physiological parameters in clinical patients for a variety of diseases.