A career in the construction industry can be a fulfilling experience, particularly if proper education and training is received. And, with a tight job market, it makes sense for those who want to become a highly-trained, skilled craftsperson in the sheet metal, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) field. SMACNA Arizona, the Arizona chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association, is dedicated to building life-long careers, offering high-paying possibilities and creating opportunities for advancement.

The industry remains strong and looks to maintain its solid foundation for years to come. There is job stability in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry; it is growing steadily and all indications are that it will continue well into the future.

This continued strength has created a need for sharp, motivated and responsible people who have the talent and desire to move through an apprenticeship program and emerge as a highly-skilled craftsperson.

We stress that all students take their education seriously. In order to become a skillful journeyman as an adult, one must gain effective math, reading, writing and social abilities while young.

Unionized specialty contractors have invested $2.5 million statewide toward skills training and apprenticeships programs over the past three years. This figure continues to increase because construction companies and building owners are realizing the value of hiring contractors that employ a highly skilled, highly trained workforce, thus assuring top-quality, cost-effective construction.

SMACNA Arizona supports the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), which prepares a variety of people for careers in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry.  SMACNA Arizona continues the training and education after journeyman status is received.

Training is gained in the areas of pattern layout, drafting, hoisting and rigging, welding, energy management, retrofitting of environmental systems, testing and balancing, CAD, functions of compressors and condensers in the refrigeration cycle, and, finally, the responsibilities of running a job, preparing for an initial bid and creating submittals, reading plans and specifications, and successfully completing a project.

The advantage to the JATC program is that apprentices work 40-hour weeks and are paid by their employers, while attending school at a minimal cost. College credits are also earned in the training program. Additional information is available by visiting azsheetmetal.org or smacna-az.org.

To learn more about SMACNA Arizona’s benefits and programs, call (602) 734-0214, or call the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee at (602) 275-6511.