Arizona’s Sun Corridor Network has joined Internet2, the premier research and education technology community in the US, as a Research and Education Network member. This membership integrates Sun Corridor Network into a community of more than 300 US universities, 70 government agencies, 42 regional and state education networks, 84 leading corporations and 90,000 community anchor institutions.

In addition to being a Research and Education Network member, the Sun Corridor Network also serves as Arizona’s direct connector to Internet2, providing high-speed, reliable connectivity and access to Internet2’s extensive network of research and education community partners.

Arizona’s three state universities—Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona—have long recognized the benefits of Internet2 as individual members for research and collaboration opportunities with other member universities and institutions. In 2013, the universities partnered to create Sun Corridor Network, to extend the benefits of Internet2 high speed connectivity to more research and education institutions in Arizona. Arizona public schools, colleges, and libraries as well as state universities and museums are eligible to subscribe to the Sun Corridor Network.

“Schools, libraries, universities and museums around the country are leveraging their access to Internet2 to enhance learning outcomes and advance cutting edge research,” said Michael Sherman, executive director of Sun Corridor Network. “With Sun Corridor Network joining Internet2, we are making those educational opportunities available to Arizona schools and institutions.”

Internet2 began in 1996 as a project among 34 universities. It now consists of 290 higher education institutions and dozens of corporations, government agencies, and educational groups.

“Sun Corridor Network has made significant investments in putting the leadership and relationships in place to accelerate Arizona’s ability to lead in advanced Internet-based research support, educational delivery and economic development,” said Rob Vietzke, Internet2, vice president of network services. “Internet2 is delighted to have Sun Corridor Network join the Internet2 community and we are excited about the opportunity to work more closely with all of Internet2 and Sun Corridor Network.”