Finding the perfect school, and program can be tough for students looking to get a post-secondary education that’s right for them. Higher Ed Growth‘s call-center platform, EduMaximizer, uses an algorithm that hopes to match students with an appropriate school and program to help them succeed.

“We think it’s very important, really, to get a prospect or student matched with the correct program that they’re interested in, and not lead them on to another one,” said Kolin Porter, director of product innovation at Higher Ed Growth. 

For students, it’s very important to have a post-secondary education institution attend to a student’s needs, he added.

There are many education options available for a student to pursue, and EduMaximizer goes a step further than just connecting them with the right institution, by also helping students find the proper programs within those institutions, Porter said.

The program isn’t just for undergraduates, but for students seeking certificates, masters or doctoral degrees.

Students seeking the perfect fit for their educational needs can be connected to EduMaximizer through various online sources such as and

The student will then either call a call center, where the representative will fill out their information on EduMaximizer or the student will make a request to receive a call.

The program takes in 26 factors into account, Porter said, including high school experience, zip code, program of interest and more, depending on what the school is looking for.

Once a student is matched, they’ll opt in to hear from the two to three schools they match with, and their information will then be sent to the school’s enrollment office, he said.

This platform utilizes a lot of different partners, said Meghan Prudencio, director of media at Higher Ed Growth. Many call centers that help students connect with the right university or school tend to use many different programs, but EduMaximizer streamlines the process, she said. 

“This combines those 20 portals into one portal where the call center agent just has to use one system, and get results all at once,” she said. “It has definitely helped us match students with more schools, and increase the enrollment, showing we’re actually connecting (students) with the right schools.”