Always be reading

Read. Read Again. Read some more. Reading is the best way to set your kids up for success. Not only does reading help grow their linguistic skills, but they’re able to absorb information and gain knowledge about a variety of topics. Reading a wide variety of books might even help children learn information way outside the school’s typical curriculum. Have your child read regularly and read with them. Read books, magazines, back of a cereal box. Make sure your children really know the power of words.

Encourage Exploration

Be a model for learning and curiosity this summer. Kids will focus on about what interests them, if you let them. Allow your kids’ to ask questions about anything and everything. If you don’t know the answer pick up a library book on the topic or hop on the computer together and look it up. It’s important for kids to know just how easy it is to access information.

Never underestimate what kids can do

Have high standards for your kids and value hard work over innate talent. Praise their successes but don’t be afraid to celebrate failure. Encourage them to take risks, figure out together why something didn’t work, discuss what they’ve learned through the process, try it again, and have fun.

Don’t Forget About Math

Math provides the building blocks to everything! There’s math in art, in video games, and every day activities. Kids need math but more importantly, they need to see math outside of the classroom. This summer, show kids how math is used while at the store, cooking, during a road trip, etc. Look for opportunities to problem solve in the real world, but there’s nothing wrong with fluency work as well. Practice math facts while driving in the car or create some healthy sibling rivalry with a friendly math facts competition. 


Hilary Scharton is the Vice President of K-12 Product Strategy for Canvas by Instructure, the open online learning management system (LMS) that makes teaching and learning easier. In her role, she sets the strategic vision for how Canvas makes its products even more awesome for students and teachers across the globe, while focusing on leveraging technology to support improved instruction and equitable access for all students.