After two years of planning and preparing, a small team of innovative educators is opening Phoenix Modern, a child-centered, modern approach to education. The K-8 school is a publicly funded charter located in midtown Phoenix that is now enrolling students in grades Kindergarten – 5th. The school is founded on four core values: wonder, joy, love, and growth. Classes officially began today, Thursday, Aug. 8.

“Phoenix Modern is a place where children can explore, create, and prepare for a life of possibility,” says Andrew Collins, founding school director. “In order to fall in love with learning, kids need more than lectures, worksheets, and tests. We focus on the whole child and care about social and emotional growth just as much as academic content. We know that a child who will grow into a healthy, loving and confident adult must be nurtured to thrive today.”

Phoenix Modern’s campus is situated in a three-story commercial building that previously served as an immigration courthouse. The 20,000 square feet of repurposed space and existing parking lot will include six multiage learning studios centered around a community hub and a natural outdoor play area with trees, a garden, and walking paths. Children also have access to a menu of healthy food choices provided daily by a local caterer.

The curriculum is based on a workshop model. It combines short mini-lessons with personalized learning through hands-on and digital resources and group projects. Several times a year, students will exhibit and present what they are learning to the public. A team of experienced teachers, called guides, serve as facilitators coaches and mentors. 

“At Phoenix Modern, students co-create their learning goals and progress at a pace that best suits their learning needs,” explains Jessica Taylor, the school’s founding lead guide. “Guides are curious with the children and design experiences around their demonstrated interests and curiosities.” 

Phoenix Modern is located at 200 East Mitchell Drive in Phoenix. At full capacity, the tuition-free school will house 210 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. To schedule a tour or learn more visit or call (480) 779-3117.