After exploring various learning management systems for the Wasabi Ventures Academy, venture capital firm Wasabi Ventures has selected social learning platform NoteBowl to assist the academy students in learning about the startup world. The early-stage venture capital firm is excited to support and partner with an Arizona education technology startup for its startup education program.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Wasabi Ventures Academy to validate an additional market opportunity and help to scale their program across the country. We believe this partnership is a great win-win and will also allow us to gain valuable insight from the mentors of Wasabi Ventures. Our team looks forward to creating an engaging social experience for the program,” said Andrew Chaifetz, CEO and Founder of NoteBowl.

NoteBowl currently has over 10,000 users at over 25 different schools and organizations around the United States. As part of the partnership, Wasabi Ventures will introduce NoteBowl’s platform to schools to further scale its product in the market.

NoteBowl is a social learning platform that puts courses and the campus community into one place. Students, professors, and administrators can access information, communicate with each other, and engage with their schools. With a modern and intuitive feel, NoteBowl improves institutional efficiency and increases student success, both inside and outside the classroom

Through NoteBowl, the Wasabi Ventures Academy will become available across the country through partner organizations, such as co-working spaces, cities, and public libraries. The Academy’s reverse classroom format will give each participant the time needed to work through the resources at his or her own pace and progress to the next stage of the startup education program.

Wasabi Ventures’ approach to startup education is anchored by the Wasabi Ventures Academy, a program that is redefining startup education.  Focused around the individual, the formal startup education curriculum provides participants a thorough overview of the startup world, while they work toward potentially becoming a founder of a startup.

With a combination of startup curriculum, resources, and opportunity, students learn firsthand from working alongside Wasabi Ventures’ founders and other successful entrepreneurs.