The great rehiring is beginning in the U.S. with more than 7,300 employers reporting the most optimistic hiring outlook since 2000 for the three months ahead, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey.

Employers in all 12 U.S. industries report positive outlooks, with the strongest hiring activity forecast for Leisure & Hospitality (+41%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (+29%), Education & Health Services (+27%), Transportation & Utilities (+26%), and both Durable and Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+25%). The strongest hiring outlooks are reported in Delaware (+43%), Utah (+40%), Virginia (+39%), North Carolina (+37%), and Michigan (+36%); weakest in Wyoming (+12%), Puerto Rico (+16%), Alabama and the District of Columbia (both +18%).

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As hiring picks up talent supply remains muted. COVID-19 has created the biggest workforce shift and reallocation of in-demand skills since WWII – almost half of employers reported difficulty filling roles in operations & logistics and nearly a quarter (23%) reported the same for manufacturing and production roles. There is rising demand too for relevant soft skills with resilience, collaboration, critical thinking & analysis the most sought after from employers across all sectors.

“Employers are ready to welcome their workers back as restrictions lift and America prepares for the New Next while in real life connections resume,” said Becky Frankiewicz ManpowerGroup President, North America. “Yet childcare challenges, health concerns and competition mean demand still outstrips supply which is dampening the ‘big return’ of the American workforce. It’s a worker’s market and employees are acting like consumers in how they are consuming work – seeking flexibility, competitive pay and fast decisions. Now is the time for employers to get creative to attract talent – and to hold onto the workers they have with both hands.”

U.S. hiring outlook by sectors, regions, metro areas and states

• Employers in all 12 U.S. industry sectors expect to add workers during the upcoming quarter, with outlooks improving when compared with both the prior quarter and the same period last year: Leisure & Hospitality (+41%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (+29%), Education & Health Services (+27%), Transportation & Utilities (+26%), Durable Goods Manufacturing (+25%), Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+25%), Professional & Business Services (+21%), Construction (+19%), Information (+18%), Other Services (+16%), Financial Activities (+15%), and Government (+15%).

• Employers in all four U.S. regions report positive hiring plans for the next three months. The Northeast and South both report outlooks of +26%, with the Midwest reporting an outlook of +24% and the West reporting an outlook of 23%.

• Employers in Delaware (+43%), Utah (+40%), Virginia (+39%), North Carolina (+37%) and Michigan (+36%) report the strongest outlooks nationwide. Of the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas, the strongest outlooks are expected DeltonaDaytona BeachOrmond Beach, FL (+54%), Fresno, CA (+46%), Salt Lake City, UT (+46%), BaltimoreTowson, MD (+44%), ProvoOrem, UT (+44%) and New HavenMilford, CT (+43%).

To view complete results for the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, visit: The report is the latest in ManpowerGroup’s Future for Workers insight series following The Skills Revolution Reboot on the impact of COVID-19 on digitization and skills and The Future for Workers, By Workers. The next survey will be released September 14, 2021 and will report hiring expectations for Q4 2021.