July 13, 2021

Eric Shepperd

Enterprise project management – How to scale your project management efforts

What Is Enterprise Project Management (EPM)?

There are large-scale companies that usually run different complex projects at the same time. Even if these projects dont seem to be connected but they all have the same impact on the overall enterprise organization.

Talking of which enterprise project management refers to the practice that is being carried out to manage the projects on the large scale.  It includes the strategies that needed to be implemented along with the process that should be streamlined in the right manner. This way the project management effectiveness can be improved on a large scale.

Why use Enterprise Project Management

With a project management tool, you can consulate different projects and make them more visible and easier to track across the organization.

Also, it helps to:

• Create the department of project management

• Make use of growth strategies models. This would improve the abilities of the project manager

How enterprise project management is different

If you focus on enterprise project management over traditional, you shall understand the huge difference associated with it. Traditional project management focuses on seeing one certain project using a defined yet measurable objective.

This kind of solution helps to highlight and prioritize the business goals. It also helps to manage the projects and make sure that border company perspectives are achieved. The end objectives may not be a finished project. However, the project will surely give good value to the company.

Benefits of enterprise project management

As per the rough estimation that has been made on the domestic projects of the nations that are developed, it has been found that alignment lacking is the common issue amongst many projects.

This often results in efforts being a waste, the rise of duplication, opportunities being missed, decisions not being made correctly, and many other hurdles. The project managers within the organization must make sure all the projects are focused on strategically so that business objectives are achieved.

Basically, with enterprise project management, all the objectives can be achieved in the right manner. It practices the primary aim which is to understand the conflict of the project or the efforts that have been duplicated.  It also helps in recognizing the underfunded project which proves to be a great platform for the company.

Other than this, it also offers advantages like:

• Reduced project risks

• Improved productivity

• Higher-quality output

• Reduced impact of skills shortage

• Enhanced reliability of delivery

If a company is planning to adopt the approach of EPM it would give the organizational strategic approach within the budget and meet the resource allocation with the right operation. But before choosing such an approach, the following strategies should be used wisely:

Looking for the Skilled Project Managers

A skilled project manager must be chosen. This individual is the expert who can effectively present the vision. The ideas should be well implemented while the issues need to be resolved and goals are achieved too.

The person should be able to create good presentations and reports that must be part of other skills. Other than this, the person must have skills of leadership, communication, collaboration, team management, quick decision making, and risk management too.

The right use of Advanced Project Management Software

Whether it is the resources or some single expert, nobody can keep ample of interrelated projects track if there is no technical support. That is why the right project management tool should be chosen for the same.

Some of the best tools that can help in management can offer features to track the timeliness, resources working ion the projects, help the managers too.

Look for Scope Creep

There is an uncontrolled project scope extension and the requirement which could be the worst enemy of the project manager. It can even prevent the scope creep by being aquatinted with the early work statement and using it for understanding any changes of what was earlier decided for the project.

When there is a change in the scope, a formal change needs to be followed for the process. This makes sure that the timeline with your project budget is well adjusted for covering p the additional needs.

Proper Resource Allocation & Utilization

The project management can be successful if the team member is rightly allocated to perform their job efficiently. However, this can be challenging at the enterprise level since many employees need to work on different projects at the same time.

If you are a project manager then you must monitor the workload resource efficiently. This way at least your team members can be ready as and when you require them on some crucial tasks.

Understand the major challenges of EPM

For any enterprise to manage a complex project can be challenging. There are large-scale efforts needed simultaneously to run the project.

But there might be other difficulties as well:

Know Demands Vs. Resource

This is one of the common challenges that organization usually faces. It occurs due to the resource’s lack to manage the portfolio of the project. Along with that, availability is vital too.

The project managers are usually businesses with routine needs of the major projects. For this dont have much time to give on to strategic consideration.

Many projects being Targeted

One of the primary challenges that usually rises when ample projects must be worked on at the same time. Usually, one project manager needs to handle different projects at the time which can lead to the challenges of the portfolio management like lack of focus and even the failure in the project delivery.

To manage a single project itself is tricky and when it comes to managing multiple ones, well challenge is likely to happen.

Working on the solution

To deal with these challenges along with the above strategies, given solution can work which includes:

• Keep your plan up to date

• Prioritize your tasks

• Create standardized and reusable project plan templates

• Avoid micromanagement

• Track your project progress

• Stay organized

• Review your workload regularly


There is no doubt that software like enterprise project management can help project managers have complete control over certain programs and projects. If its benefits and capabilities are used and understood clearly then the project will get accomplished.