Arizona Green Jobs: Energy efficient and green jobs in Arizona are booming. Thanks to consumer demands for energy-saving services and products, the green workforce is increasing with multiple jobs created and available across the state.

Arizona green jobs have grown from about 29,000 in 2003 to 37,000 in 2010, according to the Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment report by the Brooking’s Institute.

This low-carbon and green economy blossoming has been a source of job renewal to many across the country, including local businesses here in Arizona that have been revitalized thanks to the products and services being created to benefit the environment.

One of these successful green businesses here in the state, WellHome, has done very well over the past few years with the rising energy-efficient economy.

WellHome, located in both Tucson and Chandler, is a business that assesses and completes home energy audits. The company has been growing since first opening two years ago, during a time when energy costs were heavily on the rise.

This business not only makes homeowners energy efficient, but also saves clients’ money. While many Arizonans currently have tight budgets, WellHome can come into a residence and improve home energy efficiency. After completing an energy audit, as well as energy-efficient upgrades, homeowners can expect to see 10-40% in energy savings.

Because green jobs are booming in Arizona, WellHome has been able to take in many employees from the distressed housing industry and teach them the new skills regarding energy efficiency demands.

Of course, WellHome is not the only Arizona business that has been skyrocketing during a time when the national economy is failing. Accel Electric and ATS Electric are other companies that have successfully adjusted to the growing demands of an economy that wants to go green.