I’ll admit, I have a guilty pleasure — celebrity gossip.

Though personal opinions about celebrities vary, it’s difficult to argue the fact that they have an amazing platform to send a message. The nonprofit Environmental Media Association has been been trying to place environmentalism into the mainstream since the association launched in 1989.

The association hosts the Environmental Media Awards, “the only program solely devoted to celebrating the entertainment industry’s environmental efforts,” as stated on its Web site. “The annual EMA Awards honor film and television personalities, productions, musicians and musical tours that convey environmental messages in the most creative and influential ways.”

The 20th anniversary Environmental Media Awards took place on Oct. 25, and an assortment of high-profile guests came to support the green cause. I came across the information about the EMA Awards while indulging my guilty pleasure of perusing the entertainment section of MSN. Several popular actors, musicians, etc., were walking the appropriately chosen green carpet at the event that honors the entertainment industry’s environmental achievements.

Categories for the awards ranged from feature film to documentary, as well as special honors that were given to people who have “gone above and beyond to help the environment both professionally and personally.” This year those honors went to Sir Richard Branson, Centropolis Entertainment, the National Geographic Society and singer Jason Mraz.

Winners in the various categories included: The Lazy Environmentalists: The Lazy Family/The Lazy Pet Groomer in the reality program category; Food, Inc. and The Cove for documentaries; and Disneynature EARTH in the feature film category.

In addition to the EMA Awards, the association also hosts the EMA Green Seal Awards that honors productions and corporate entertainment offices that go green ‘behind the scenes.’ Throughout the year, the association works with writers, directors and producers to integrate environmental messages into film and television productions. Events with a sustainable message are also held year-round with the help of celebrities’ familiar faces bringing it to the attention of the media and public.

Certain aspects of celebrity surely aren’t to be desired. However, taking a public stance in helping the environment and becoming involved with associations like this one are positive causes those in the entertainment industry can bring to the attention of the public. Communicating information about sustainable practices is a necessary component to make the changes we need for a greener future.