Arizona Sprouts Farmers Market stores are now carrying Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona’s gluten free, fat free and all natural salsas as the company continues to grow its retail distributors.

“We are excited to announce our newest retail partner, Sprouts Farmers Market.  I know that we are a perfect fit for an all-natural store like Sprouts as all of Goldwater’s  products are all natural, gluten free, high quality and flavorful.  We know this new partnership will bring further awareness to our brand,” said President Carolyn Goldwater Ross of Goldwater’s Foods.

Goldwater’s Foods was created more than 20 years ago in 1989 when Carolyn Goldwater Ross, Joanne Goldwater and Peggy Goldwater Clay brought all of their unique talents together combining business and food to what is now a growing and thriving family business.

Known as the originator of the fruit salsa, Goldwater’s offers 8 varieties of salsa, The Senator’s Chili Mix, and delicious barbecue and grilling sauces.  Sprouts is carrying 7 different salsas in their Arizona stores.  Carolyn Goldwater Ross is also featured on YouTube with new seasonable recipes.  For more information on Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona and their complete product list, please visit the website at or call (866) 779-7241.