Having a green holiday is even easier this season. Companies are more conscientious of the materials they use to create sustainable products, and we can do the same by being green in our gift choices and buying practice.

Here are a few ideas to get your holiday off to a green start and stay sustainable through 2012:

Green holiday gift guide

There is a green gift out there for everyone, from kids to pet owners. And giving green gifts doesn’t mean you have to spend more green either! This gift guide covers stocking stuffers to household items with prices starting at under $10.

The most fuel-efficient 2012 cars

The Toyota Prius was the breakout kid in the hybrid market, and it’s still No. 1. But with the increasing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, auto makers are stepping up the game and giving consumers more to choose from from styles and size to fuel-efficient capabilities.

Arizona greywater management system available to home owners

Every drop of water is precious in Arizona and the Southwest region. Get your home or business environmentally sustainable for 2012 with a home system created by sustainable water company Organica. Organica allows individuals (or companies) to build their own greywater treatment system. Some companies may even qualify for tax credits.

Tips for green holiday shopping

Going to the stores during the holidays can make you question your sanity. So do yourself and the earth a favor by checking prices online before you buy, researching the company of the products you want to verify they are ethically sourced, and reduce that day-after trash bag filled with wrapping paper by using recycled products.