The next generation of “green” collaborators is being influenced to conserve our resources for their future through fun and games. UniSource Energy Services (UES), which operates natural gas and electric systems for more than 230,000 customers in northern and southern Arizona, provides educational programs and services to kids.

Sustainability For Kids

Energy Efficient World is a game that allows kids to learn to conserve energy and save on electric bills — teaching them energy efficiency, how to help the environment and home energy inspection. It also provides links for parents.

Sunsite Funsite teaches children about solar energy, chemical energy, solar thermal and resources. The game is interactive, and children are able to see how their actions at home affect the universe.

Electrical and Natural Gas Safety World explains the hidden dangers at home and in the community. With two separate worlds the fun never ends. They are exposed to learning how to protect themselves by enjoying an eye-catching game.

HogBusters Training Camp, an interactive lecture, allows kids — through a series of five levels — to work together and learn new ways to save the environment for the future. After completing the stages, a certificate is available for printing.

Commercial Energy Solutions

Getting rid of old equipment can be costly for a business. UniSource has a rebate system designed to make the change to “green” easier. Energy-efficient upgrades on lighting, controls, refrigeration & HVAC, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are available. The rebates are intended to help offset a portion of the cost associated with installing new energy-efficient equipment.

An incentive program for commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems, used to turn sunlight into energy, is being offered to encourage the installation of solar power. Systems greater than 50 kilowatts AC (kWac) can qualify.

UniSource is focusing on the present and future by getting kids excited about the environment and helping companies turn “green.”