This Mother’s Day, Recyclebank is honoring a mother’s love for her family, her community, and Mother Earth. Recyclebank member Laura Ilardo is the proud mom of a rambunctious 5-year-old. She is a Phoenix resident, a social worker with 18 years of service to the public schools, and active advocate to pro-immigrant causes. Laura is also a woman on a mission to teach her daughter to live sustainably and inspire others in her community to take good care of Mother Earth by helping make Phoenix greener. 

“Recyclebank understands that moms today wear many hats and are faced with making choices about what is best for their children. One of our most important jobs is to teach the children of today to be good stewards of our resources so that they will still be there for the children of tomorrow,” Alyssa Ruggiero, Recyclebank Program Manager. “Today, we honor all moms who, like Laura, are making simple everyday choices that help our planet so that our children can grow up and do the same.”

How do you show your love for Mother Earth? 

Laura Ilardo: Our family shows our love and appreciation for the Earth by recognizing that our resources are limited.  With climate change making an impact all around us, it’s important to speak out against the policies that contribute to a decline of our planet.  We teach our daughter to speak up in defense of our Earth.

What are some of the everyday actions you take to honor Mother Earth?

LI: There are so many simple things you can do to make a difference! We know that meat consumption is harming the planet, so we have a plant-based diet in our home and are raising our daughter to respect all animals living among us. Living in the Southwest where our water source is so limited, we have 2 water cisterns that collect the rain water.  We have beautiful desert landscape instead of grass in your yard.  Other simple things we do include using reusable grocery bags, composting, visiting local farmers markets and buying locally!

Why is it important for mothers to instill in their children a love for the environment and our planet?

LI: Our Earth is changing every day. Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow, so it’s up to us to teach them respect for the Earth so they can have many, many more years to enjoy it. 

What is the best we can give to Mother Earth?

LI: I think the best we can do is fight to protect her. Support renewable energy, make conscious choices and understand that our very survival depends on the choices we make today.

Ilardo is encouraging others to celebrate Mother Earth on Mother’s Day and every day. As a member of Recyclebank.comIlardo is committed to living greener to help the City of Phoenix reach its goal to divert 40% of its waste from the landfill by 2020. offers interactive education and attractive incentives to city residents interested in learning about recycling, sustainability, and how to take better care of their city and the environment.