With a commitment to providing best-in-class environmental solutions for the automotive and transportation industry, Thermo Fluids, Inc. announced today they have received ASTM E1177 certification for their EcoShield remanufactured antifreeze product.

“We are very pleased with our accomplishment of reaching this very stringent virgin-equivalent antifreeze product specification for EcoShield” said Ted Sinclair, Thermo Fluids’ Chief Operating Officer.

EcoShield is an alternative option to virgin antifreeze, available for use by quick lube centers, automotive dealerships, vehicle services centers, and other transportation related companies. EcoShield is a “green” and environmentally friendly solution to the costs and environmental hazards associated with drilling for new crude oil, shipping oil and then refining the product which is a process used in the manufacturing of virgin antifreeze.

The used antifreeze goes through a process that separates ethylene glycol, a valuable natural resource, from the waste materials. Deionized water and high quality corrosive inhibitors are then added to the ethylene glycol to create EcoShield, which is then tested by Thermo Fluids, as well as third party laboratories, to ensure the product meets industry requirements for antifreeze.

EcoShield meets the stringent American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications for virgin glycol and coolant, including D6210, D3306, D4985, and E1177 certifications. Thermo Fluids utilizes a proprietary hybrid organic acid technology to produce the eco-friendly remanufactured antifreeze, which is a viable alternative to virgin ethylene glycol and a more environmentally acceptable product that meets the same performance and quality standards as virgin ethylene glycol.

“The development of EcoShield is a product borne of our commitment to environmental stewardship and a sincere endeavor to substantively and meaningfully contribute to a greener marketplace in this industry.  We wanted to create a cost-effective closed loop alternative that offers the same high quality found in a virgin product while reducing liabilities and significantly impacting the environment in a positive way,” said Todd Bogart, Thermo Fluids’ Chief Marketing Officer. “Through ongoing education, improvement and promotion of EcoShield, we hope to change the antifreeze product landscape and to create a competitive marketplace for more eco-friendly options in the automotive services industry.”

Thermo Fluids is a recognized leader in the U.S. environmental solutions oil recycling industry, offering a suite of services including used oil, antifreeze and filter collection and recycling, parts washer services, and residual oil reclamation. The Scottsdale-based company works with service centers in 19 different states around the country, offering eco-friendly alternatives to traditional services and products and educating its customer base by demonstrating and facilitating an awareness and understanding of environmental responsibility.