With the technology era continuously booming with new inventions and ways to make our lives easier, the question of “What will they think of next?” always seems to follow after the unveiling of a new product. With the launch of their new creation, Verismic Software has reached a new level of tying technology in with efforts to “go green” simultaneously.

A leader in PC Power Management, Verismic has recently introduced a completely new way for businesses around the globe to save both energy and money with an application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone.

With the company’s new Verismic Power Manager (VPM), information technology personnel can enable a Wake-on-Web function all with a click from their phone. This function is for computer workstations within business environments and wakes up computers recently turned off to conserve energy by the VPM.

With this function, the IT department in a business is able to gain remote access to a workstation and use it from anywhere, at any time. This, in turn, conserves energy costs. 

Those on the Power Manager 3.0 are informed of their personal contribution to PC energy efficiency. These users are able to compare how efficient they are with their peers, and in turn it increases overall energy effectiveness.

This software works on PCs, Macs and servers, and it manages on both laptops and desktops.

With the goal of promoting the management of PC energy consumption with flexibility, Verismic Power Manager plays an important role with any business that has plans of going green. In this computer age, Verismic is making it easier for businesses to benefit from carbon, energy and cost reductions.

For more information on Verismic, visit www.verismic.com.