Arizona is a beautiful state with vast wilderness and lots to see and explore.

This incredible place is also surprisingly one of the states that are most at-risk in terms of natural disasters.

Read on to learn more about the most threatening natural disasters in Arizona so you can be prepared.

Flash Floods: The Most Dangerous Natural Disasters in Arizona

You might not think of flooding when you think of Arizona, but this state is prone to dangerous, life-threatening flash floods. As storms move over the state or nearby mountain ranges get inundated with water, it flows downhill and through vast canyons.

There have been many stories of flash floods throughout the state that have caught people unaware and eventually, have cost some people their lives. When heavy rains take over the desert areas of Arizona, the ground cannot absorb the high levels of moisture fast enough.

Water that flows through canyons and in between narrow rock formations may form fast-moving floods that can sweep vehicles, buildings, and humans away. Always be aware of approaching weather whenever hiking or spending time in the Arizona wilderness and desert. A Water Restoration service might be needed to help with cleanup after a major flash flood event.

Earthquakes in Arizona

You may only think about states like California when you imagine earthquakes, but these are also natural disasters in Arizona. While earthquakes are rare in the state, it lies over an active seismic belt.

There have been some earthquakes recorded in Arizona over the last centuries. One such earthquake occurred in 1887 and killed almost 60 people.

The most recent record of an earthquake in Arizona was in 2015 near Black Canyon City. This earthquake registered as a 4.1 and was felt by people in and near the Phoenix area.

Fissures and Cracks in the Earth

Another unusual natural disaster that affects a large part of Arizona is earth fissures or large cracks that form in the earth. These dangerous cracks are caused when groundwater is withdrawn deep within the basin, pulling the earth apart.

Fissures can extend for miles in some places and can be as deep as 90 feet and anywhere from 15 to 25 feet wide! This can cause serious damage to streets, buildings, and other parts of the infrastructure throughout Arizona.

In Pinal County, a drone captured an earth fissure stretching for an incredible two miles. Statewide, these cracks affect an area that spans approximately 3,000 miles and reaches into the cities of Tucson and Phoenix. Some estimates state that the cost to deal with earth fissures can cost up to millions of dollars each year.

Natural Wonders and Disasters

When you think of natural disasters in Arizona, some of these might surprise you. Overall, this beautiful state is safe but there are some things that all residents and visitors should be aware of.

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