The infamous plastic shopping bag was first introduced and used around the 1970s. These wonderfully convenient bags were initially viewed as simple, easy to use, and helpful new tool when out shopping. However, in recent years more research has to lead to a new estimation that Americans use around 100 billion plastic bags a year. Braking the statistics down even further; that is roughly an average of 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year, per American family. This does not equate for the plastic bags that are used in other countries in the world. Little did people understand that the invention of the once convenient plastic bag would be so detrimental to our environment. Due to the increase in usage of plastic bags; it is becoming more popular to use reusable canvas tote bags. These bags are quickly becoming the new cultural norm and viewed as a much more environmentally friendly option for consumers.

Detrimental Impact Of Plastic Bags 

It has been reported numerous times that plastic items, including the plastic shopping bags, are having negative impacts on the environment. When producing the first plastic single-use bag it is clear that the overall long-term impact was not researched. In a number of different studies, it was found that plastic was found in the stomach of one in every three Leatherback Sea Turtles. Through other research, it has been suggesting that at the very least; 267 different species in the world have been affected by the pollution of plastic in the oceans in some form. Now, the future of the environment is in each individual’s hands. The first steps to slowly making a positive impact and changing the environment can be the most simple ones, such as making the switch from plastic over to tote bags wholesale. Individuals within governmental systems are slowly beginning to realize the negative impact the plastic bags have on Mother Nature and have started implementing bans or a tax on disposable bags. This is a major step to deter individual consumers from using plastic bags.

Alternative Shopping Bag Options

When searching for alternatives; many individuals have started to use recyclable canvas bags when shopping. These are excellent alternatives to the toxic plastic bag that will simply be tossed in the trash after a few uses. When choosing a canvas tote bag option; consumers are taking a large step in the right direction. As a result of avoiding the plastic bag; individuals are saving on the non-renewable resources it takes to produce the toxic plastic bags. Plus they are taking steps toward saving the environment. No matter how small the step may seem, overall, the steps do add up to make a massive difference.

Grab Your Reusable Bags

Because of the daily increase of plastic and trash that collects in the environment; the use of canvas bag is growing in popularity. For a very minimal cost; individuals are able to purchase the reusable shopping bags to assist them on grocery trips for many years. The canvas tote bag is viewed in a much more positive light when compared to plastic bags. The canvas bag is comprised of extremely durable fibers allowing them to last for several years. The reusable bags are also made with a variety of materials making them washable if they ever do happen to get dirty. Another great feature of the reusable bag is that it can come in a variety of sizes, colors, and even have different pictures on them. Plus, the environmentally-friendly bags are typically much larger than plastic bags, in turn, allowing shoppers to carry more items in one bag. The more people use these bags the better off the environment will be overall.

Stand Strong: Stand Green

We only have one world. One Mother Nature. One opportunity to stand green. This is our time to stand strong and stand firm in treating the environment as we should. We must end the use of single-use plastic bags and all single-use plastic material. We must end every fast-paced lifestyle that is becoming so detrimental to our Earth. We have been given a beautiful Earth to inhabit; therefore, we should treat it with the upmost respect and love.