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New era begins at Olympian Labs Inc.

The new management team at Olympian Labs, Inc. is laser focused on developing the brand, providing stronger support for retail partners, and helping customers lead healthier lifestyles.

In the past, the focus was simply to make the highest quality health supplements available. Less attention was paid on how to market the products or ways to help consumers live a healthier life.

“We want to provide the tools and the direction people need to achieve their goals,” said Don Edwards, Vice President of Sales and Marketing who joined Olympian Labs about a year ago. “We’re also dedicated to working more closely with our retail and online partners to provide them with the support they need to successfully market our products.”

Olympian Labs manufactures about 250 products that are sold nationwide and can be found at major health food retailers including the Vitamin Shoppe.

The new approach, though, goes beyond the products on the shelves. Olympian Labs has formed a Healthy Living Team of fitness, nutrition, strength and healthy living coaches who engage with Olympian Labs customers through weekly videos and blogs.

“At Olympian Labs we are focused on improving people’s lives,” said President and CEO David Besins.  “It’s all about building a better you.”

The Healthy Living Team specialists offer conditioning drills, talk about the benefits of Chia seeds and apple cider vinegar, and relay the importance of having workout partners.

“We want to talk with our customers, not at them,” said Stacy Dill, Director of Marketing who joined the company last fall. “Of course we would like to sell many products. But we also want to educate, inform and engage.”

Olympian Labs practices what it preaches about living a healthier lifestyle. The Phoenix-based company is launching a monthly “Fit Friday.” The office will shut down at 2 p.m. so employees can do a fitness or healthy living activity together. Afterwards, employees can leave early to enjoy a few extra hours of quality time with their families.

“This marks the beginning of a new era at Olympian Labs,” Dill said. “We’re committed to a quality overall experience, for our customers, our employees and for our retail partners.”