Many do still hold on to the idea that marriage should last forever, and for some couples, they do spend a lifetime together. However, the majority of first-time marriages do end in divorce. Divorce can be a difficult process especially when the parties are not in agreement with the division of properties and custody of children. Divorce can also be expensive when it comes to hiring your lawyer to represent you in the proceedings, and it can drag on and on and prolongs the agony and stress of seeing your marriage end in such way. But this should not always be the case, divorce can be amicably settled and cost less if it is uncontested. Divorce can either be contested or uncontested, and the ugly kind is when you do not agree and fight over the other aspects of the marriage. On the other hand, an uncontested divorce is when both parties have already reached an agreement to end the marriage and they have agreed to how the properties are divided, visitation schedules, and child custody if there are children in the marriage and child support. It is important to realize that in Oklahoma, an uncontested divorce just needs to be filed in the family court and there is no need for a trial as the judge can directly decree on the divorce. What is important is that you can file the correct divorce documents so that they will be approved without any hinge. For this, you need Oklahoma Divorce Forms that have been prepared by an expert team that is composed of long-time lawyers who have specialized in family court cases. This would ensure that the divorce papers you file and present to the court contain all the legal requirements for an uncontested divorce. As long as both parties agree on the stipulations of the divorce papers, the court will award the divorce right away after it scrutinizes the divorce forms and sees that it is uncontested. If you are in Oklahoma and your marriage is on its last leg, and a divorce is now a viable option, then read on to know more about Oklahoma Divorce Forms.

What are Oklahoma Divorce Forms?

In the state of Oklahoma, divorce is easy as long as both of you agree to the terms of the divorce. All you need are correctly written Oklahoma Divorce Forms which divorce document providers can help you prepare for the court. In Oklahoma, the citizens can present a waiver for their divorce without having to hire expensive lawyers. Just as any court proceedings, divorce in Oklahoma still needs to be filed in a family court and decided on by the judge. This would entail the preparation of the divorce papers and at times, this can be confusing and a lot of work which you probably do not have the time to do, or you may not be confident enough to do it on your own. If you both agree to the divorce, there is no need for a lawyer, all you have to do is hire professional divorce document providers. These are service providers that specialize in the writing and preparation of the needed divorce forms and papers for an uncontested divorce. Getting a divorce should not be difficult, emotional, and frustrating, and the only way to do that is to have an uncontested divorce. Thus, the key factor in getting your divorce approved the soonest without any problems is for you to agree on everything that will be impacted by the divorce. On the other hand, there are certain rules that you need to abide by if you are getting divorced, but the most important one is that there is a waiting period for the divorce to become final. For marriages without children, the waiting period is 30 days and for those with children, it is 90 days. So no matter how perfect your documents are, there is no way to speed it up. Also, you should remember that in Oklahoma, you cannot get married within six months from the time the divorce was finalized unless it is the spouse you got divorced from.

How to File Oklahoma Divorce Forms

Filing Oklahoma Divorce Forms will require certain expertise as you need to be able to have the legal terminologies right and to put in there the terms of the divorce that you both agreed on. This cannot be done by individuals that do not have a background in family court cases, as you need to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to these forms. Thus, hiring a service provider for legal documents like divorce forms is a must. And do not be misled by cheaper options as they do not work n a legal office or have no interaction with family court lawyers. In these kinds of documents, you get what you pay for, so if you settle for the cheaper providers, then you also get poorly written forms. Once you have the complete and signed divorce papers, you need to file them at the family court and pay for the filing fee and wait for the prescribed period before the court is required to decide on your divorce. Once the divorce is final, you can also ask the service provider to prepare your child custody documents, and you can have them approved by the judge even without appearing before the court.

How Expensive is Oklahoma Divorce Forms

Although you need a service provider to prepare your Oklahoma divorce forms and papers, they are in no way able to represent you as your lawyer. They are only responsible for the forms and they charge only for that service. The overall fees are not cheap in a sense, but it is way cheaper and faster than having to fight your spouse for the divorce agreement. Thus, it is better than when you come to the service provider, you already have a drafted agreement and that you both are amenable to the terms. If one of you no longer agrees with the initial terms, then the divorce becomes contested and you will need to hire your lawyer for that.