Traditional investors are still a bit skeptical when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. That is because they are used to different types of technologies and ways to invest their money. On the other end, Cryptocurrency requires using modern technologies and tools and following other concepts. If you want to explore the crypto world more thoroughly, you must first equip yourself with good knowledge. You can get a pretty good insight into cryptocurrencies like ethereum if you check, which is a valuable source for all things related to cryptocurrencies.

Types of cryptocurrencies

There are thousands of different types of cryptocurrencies out there, but a few of them stand out with their value and popularity. As we all know, bitcoin is the leader of digital currencies, with the highest value of all. However, other less popular cryptocurrencies are slowly emerging and increasing their value, proving a valuable asset to own. If you cannot afford to trade with bitcoin, the following are some alternatives to consider.

• Ethereum first appeared in 2015, enabling apps and smart contracts to function great without interference from third parties. Ether is the currency that is applied within the ethereum platform. After bitcoin, ethereum is currently the second most popular digital currency.

• Litecoin is a decentralized open-source payment network that operates without intermediaries. It has some similarities with Bitcoin, but its block generation is faster than Bitcoin’s block. Litecoin was founded in 2011, so it is one of the well-established cryptocurrencies on the market. This form of digital currency does not offer the same anonymity as Bitcoin, but being so persistent on the market makes it an excellent option to trade with.

• Dash, also known as dark coin, is a cheaper version of bitcoin. Dash first appeared on the market in 2014 under the name Xcoin. This digital currency was developed to fix some of the Bitcoin limitations, but it never reached the same popularity as bitcoin.

• Zcash is a relatively new digital currency, first appearing in late 2016. It is primarily focused on dealing with anonymous transactions. This digital currency shields transactions to maintain total privacy and security. That makes Zcash an excellent option for investors as they can transfer encrypted data.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency promises secure and anonymous transactions. Besides that, you can make good profits if you manage to hit the right time. That requires the constant following of what is going on at the market and checking crypto trends.

Cryptocurrency popularity and investments will continue to rise in the future because these currencies do not involve intermediaries and are not controlled by centralized institutions. They are known for the fast transactions and security they provide. More and more digital currencies are finding their light on the market, so exciting times are coming up ahead.

Although bitcoin is the trendsetter and leads the cryptocurrency race, other cryptos also make their name and increase their popularity. Not far away are the times when we will likely see other cryptocurrencies challenge Bitcoin’s top position in the digital currency world.