Have you ever stepped in front of a crowd to make an announcement or deliver a speech and just completely froze when you got up there? You’re not alone. The fear of public speaking or glossophobia is one of the most common fears known to man.

According to recent insights, over 75 percent of the population has a fear of public speaking in some regard. Luckily, there are certain things you can do to help you overcome your fears and give you the confidence you need.

Keep reading this guide to discover how to overcome the fear of public speaking and finally be free from the anxiety.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

There’s no better way to overcome the anxiety that sets in before public speaking than to be 100 percent confident and prepared for the event. Practicing in front of the mirror can be an excellent way of nailing your delivery and building up the confidence to do it in front of a crowd.

Practicing the speech repeatedly will help you master the topic and make it feel easy when you get up in front of the audience. Feeling confident and prepared is one of the best ways to diminish the fear of public speaking.

If you really want to get some quality practice in, try doing a practice run in front of friends or family to gauge how the audience will react.

2. Try Breathing Techniques

Learning to control your breathing can be one of the most powerful tools for overcoming any sort of anxiety, not just the fear of public speaking.

A recent study showed a positive relationship between graduate students practicing breathing techniques and the amount of anxiety experienced before taking a test, another common form of anxiety individuals experience. Practicing breathing techniques can allow you to relax and keep your body in a calm state.

This calmness can also allow you to remain calm and more focused while standing up in front of the crowd.

3. Have Notes Ready

While you are practicing your routine to yourself or with friends and family, you should note where you are having trouble and stumbling a bit. Then, you can prepare notes for yourself to help you stay on track and get through the rest of the address.

Try not to take too many notes, as this can confuse you and trick you into thinking you are reliant on the notes. Instead, keep them short and simple, only at the moment you need them.

4. Take a Class

If you have tried everything else and nothing seems to be working, consider taking a class to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Classes can teach you different techniques that can help you learn new ways of overcoming your fear. Completing a course often gives people a sense of accomplishment, giving them the confidence they need when getting up in front of the public.

Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Although the fear of public speaking is a common occurrence in individuals, it’s never fun to experience yourself. Like with anything, the more you practice, the better you will get and the more comfortable you will be in front of a crowd. Work on building up your confidence, and then you will be ready to take on any crowd.

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