Fennemore, an Am Law 200 firm recognized as the No. 1 fastest-growing law firm in the United States, today officially unveiled Fennemore Forward. While other BigLaw firms are requiring attorneys to return to the office four days a week or more, Fennemore is pioneering a new path that embraces flexibility.

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Fennemore Forward is a new platform that gives attorneys the freedom to work permanently from nearly anywhere in the world—with the backing of an established large law firm with 19 brick-and-mortar offices. Forward prioritizes flexibility, advanced technology, and a people-first approach that will reshape the ways attorneys practice.

“Forward is emblematic of Fennemore’s commitment to building the business law firm of the future,” shares James Goodnow, Fennemore’s CEO. He adds, “Our vision with Forward is to challenge and transform the traditional law firm model. The prevailing BigLaw view seems to be that the only way to build culture is to force everyone onsite nearly every day. This view is antiquated, fails to meet people where they are in life, and leads to a limiting one-size-fits-all view of the profession. The profession can and must do better. The truth is that technology, targeted in-person activities, and creative workflow approaches can foster an environment that leads to stronger bonds than the traditional environment—and better results for clients.”

The Fennemore Forward platform offers a unique work model that integrates the firm’s nearly 140-year legacy with cutting-edge practices. The program equips attorneys with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to enhance collaboration, foster a strong firm culture, and streamline operations. Resources available in the program include paraprofessional assistance, administrative help, an industry-leading IT platform, marketing and business development support, professional development opportunities, access to conference rooms and offices at any of the firm’s 19 physical offices in six states, opportunities to attend in-person firm and practice group retreats and events, and more.

Chris Wilson, Forward’s managing director, is well-known in the industry for his success in developing remote work programs for law firms. As Managing Director of the Remote Program at Taylor English, he recruited and managed more than 50 remote attorneys. Previously, he was the Atlanta Managing Partner at FisherBroyles, one of the largest distributed law firms in the U.S.
According to Wilson, “Forward is a bold statement that Fennemore is leading the legal profession into a new era, seamlessly weaving the strengths of a respected, traditional firm with the adaptability of the future of work. While many firms cling to traditional office models, Fennemore’s culture embraces flexibility, technology, and innovation. This approach enhances lawyer well-being and productivity, meets evolving client demands, and contributes to a sustainable world.”

Fennemore Forward integrates distributed working into Fennemore’s core operations, creating a dynamic, resilient, and forward-thinking legal practice. Boston-based Forward attorney David McCarville agrees: “The Fennemore Forward program has given me the flexibility to work from anywhere, seamlessly transitioning from a traditional, physical office to remote work, boosting my productivity and connectivity with colleagues and clients. The resources provided ensure I remain fully integrated with our brick and mortar operations, enabling me to move to a location that better suits my family’s needs while continuing to provide high-quality legal services to my clients.”

Katherine Kao, also a Forward attorney based in Portland, concurs. She shares, “With Fennemore Forward, I was able to purchase a home and live in an affordable city while staying connected with my colleagues and clients, no matter where they are located. Fennemore’s trust in its employees to perform at a high level, combined with the freedom to lead fulfilling lives outside of work, makes a career here not only sustainable but also truly enjoyable.”

As Fennemore continues to expand its reach across the United States, Fennemore Forward is a key component to the firm’s commitment to a unified, one-firm approach, one that anticipates the needs of clients in a rapidly evolving landscape. This initiative redefines excellence in the legal industry, blending Fennemore’s storied history with its innovative vision. With Forward, Fennemore sets a new standard for what it means to work in law, shaping the future of the legal profession.

For more information about Fennemore Forward, visit: https://www.fennemorelaw.com/about-us/fennemore-forward.