Capital Lending Partners LLC, an Arizona mortgage banking company acquired Arizona-based private mortgage lender, Hanson Capital LLC in early November.

Founded by Chris Hanson in 2008, Hanson Capital focuses on making short-term, hard money loans on real property located in Arizona, California, Florida, Texas and Washington. The company’s multi-million-dollar pool of dedicated capital enables it to make quick decisions for qualified prospects, allowing loans to fund in as little as a few days.

At the time of the acquisition, Hanson Capital was completing an average of 120 transactions per year, with corresponding annual origination volume of approximately $26 million.

“I originally met the team at Capital Lending Partners largely by chance. I knew within minutes of beginning our conversation that the synergy for a possible merger or acquisition was there,” said Hanson. “The executives behind Capital Lending Partners are themselves successful mortgage bankers, with significant backgrounds in both the traditional and nontraditional banking sectors. I am confident that their passion and experience will help to fuel meaningful growth in the business I founded, ensuring that the company continues its upward trajectory as a nationwide leader in short-term and investment property lending for many years to come.”

Now under the leadership of Capital Lending Partners executives, the combined company will continue to leverage the goodwill of the Hanson Capital name, with Chris Hanson remaining involved as an equity partner.

“We are excited about the numerous benefits and opportunities this transaction unlocks for our company. We not only view the business of Hanson Capital as the ideal complement to our existing lending platform, but we also believe the key personnel and other acquired assets help us to perfectly round out our current operational needs,” said Brian Cousins, CEO of Capital Lending Partners. “In addition to building a solid reputation and sterling track record over the years, the Hanson Capital team has worked hard to assemble a vast network of real estate, lending and investment professionals. We value these relationships and look forward to fostering their continued growth. We believe the sum of these parts positions us very favorably in the marketplace and will allow us to consistently deliver on our key value propositions to clients.”