How to utilize tax code, healthcare to increase retirement savings

Financial Management | 7 Jun, 2017 |

According to a recent survey from, one in three Americans have no retirement savings, while only 56% have less than $10,000 saved. What many don’t know, and something local financial adviser and author of “Climbing the Retirement Mountain” Calvin Goetz shares with his clients at Strategy Financial Group, is that they could already be utilizing the tax code and healthcare options to increase their retirement savings.

“Pre-retirees frequently rank retirement healthcare costs as their top concern – valid considering one couple can expect to spend up to $245,000 on healthcare in retirement – but there are various credits and tax loopholes that could be saving them money now, without doing a thing,” said Goetz, co-founder and partner of Strategy Financial Group.

While attending Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group Workshop in Kansas City, Missouri earlier this month, Goetz met with IRA experts from across the nation regarding several cost-saving techniques leading up to, and through, retirement. These included everything from housing options and the convergence of healthcare and financial planning to build comprehensive retirement income strategies to understanding the complexities of mandatory minimum distributions from retirement accounts and working with the tax code to a retiree’s benefit when it comes to Roth recharacterization, net unrealized appreciation and tax-free gifts for Roth IRAs.

For more information regarding retirement saving strategies and financial planning, contact Calvin Goetz and his team at Strategy Financial Group at or call 602.343.9303. For ongoing updates and the latest financial planning news, connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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