There is an explanation of why Initial Coin Offering or ICOs are getting popular today: the advantages allows everyone to get involved. For example, the benefits supposed to be for the contributors can also directly affect the founders. With these benefits, it encourages the influx of contributors to select ICOs over various options of investing their earnings. Thus, in this article, you will discover the benefits of ICOs:


Lack of liquidity is one of the common factors where people will become deterrent to investing their money. In some opportunities, capital will become inaccessible for some years. But with ICOS at, investors will have a high level of liquidity. Meanwhile, in the secondary market, real-time pricing will be based on the current value of the project that you have.


Soon, ICOs will become available to all people. This is true when ICO accepts cryptocurrencies. For the majority of the ICOs, their only requirement is for the contributors to be able to transfer their funds at the right time to buy.


With ICOs, anyone has the option to invest, Moreover, contributors can invest at any time that they want to. This is different from the customary models of startups financing. In this setup, it is almost impossible to be an early investor unless you have a close connection with the founders.

Indeed, it is best to invest early on. With this, the contributors will pay less as they avoid the premiums. To be an early investor, contributors will only have to pay close attention to the upcoming ICOs. They have to be ready to buy tokens as soon as they launch.

Cost Variation

The chance to utilize ICOs to fund the project can mean that the tokens can vary from startup to startup. This can lower the risk and at the same time increase the risk of making some profit. Moreover, the ability for a large number of stockholders to provide investments will lead to multi-million ICO ventures.

Lesser Competition

There are lots of projects which struggle to look funding via the traditional methods. This is true if they lack appeal. Sometimes, this can be because of the location, for example, the project can be based outside the location of wealth. Or it can be because of the type of offering which is true for non-profits. With the simple funding procedures of ICOs, it will allow potentially any type of project to get some funding.

Invest in Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Cryptocurrency holders at are sometimes hesitant to use their wealth. They don’t want to turn it into fiat and pay a huge amount of taxes on it. With this, cryptocurrencies will continue to grow more value. However, people don’t want to use their wealth. Thus, ICOs gets into the picture.

Some investors are now beginning to learn regarding the benefits of ICOs. They are also on the lookout for more projects to begin their investments. If you are searching for a way to fund your idea, you have to take note of the two things for your startup. This is true for the investors when considering an ICO.