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Dale Walters CEO KeatsConnelly

Dale Walters, CEO, KeatsConnelly

Walters is a partner and CEO of KeatsConnelly, the largest cross-border wealth management firm in North America that specializes in helping Canadians and Americans realize their dreams of a cross-border lifestyle. Walters was twice named one of the top financial advisors in the U.S. by Mutual Fund Magazine.

2015 trend to watch:

“The most significant trend is the increasing complexity of the tax system and the cost of complying. The Affordable Care Act has many complicated and confusing rules that must be followed and many of those are related to tax credits; these rules apply to individuals and companies. The other tax-related tax complexity has to do with Net Investment Income Tax.”

Advice for 2015:

“The obvious answer is to say save more.
While this is true, I will say watch your expenses. Specifically, people are spending more for financial products than they should. When investing, use ETFs (exchange-traded funds), index funds, etc. The management fees on these investments are a fraction of the average mutual fund fee. When it comes to mutual funds, the adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ is not true.”

Best Arizona investment:

“If you own your own company, I would recommend investing in yourself. Otherwise, I would not suggest that you invest in individual securities because 1) there is no diversification, and 2) there is no evidence that anyone can do it better than buying an index, after expenses. I recommend buying one of the ETFs or index funds I talked about earlier.”