February 18, 2015

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Wealth Management Guide: Mark Feldman

CEO and managing partner Miller Russell Associates miller-russell.com
CEO and managing partner
Miller Russell Associates

Mark Feldman, CEO and managing partner, Miller Russell Associates

Recognized multiple years as a Barron’s top independent financial advisor, Feldman possesses extensive credentials in the wealth management industry with more than 25 years of experience. His roles have included supervising a wide range of client relationships, including multi-generational family groups, high net worth individuals, corporate executives and institutions. Previously, Feldman was the senior partner of integration for GenSpring Family Offices, where he advised ultra-high net worth clients in the United States.

2015 trend to watch:

“The continued introduction to the marketplace of investment vehicles that allow all clients to more effectively diversify their portfolios from the possibility, or likelihood, of rising interest rates and falling equity markets. Also, as income tax rates continue to rise, the use of tax deferral strategies for investment income will allow clients to retain more of their investment earnings.”

Advice for 2015:

“Building wealth requires the development of a strategic plan that takes into consideration all assets, liabilities, income and expenses. These financial concepts can be aligned and reconciled with one’s goals and objectives. This process must be continually repeated.”

Best Arizona investment:

“I am quite bullish on the Arizona economy and feel confident that our state will begin attracting even more quality companies and increase incentives for entrepreneurs to take risks. The Arizona quality of life is extremely high and is the reason Miller Russell Associates can retain such excellent talent.”