ERG program management firm, Visionary Development Consulting, has launched the first and only Employee Resource Group (ERG) Program Management Certification course in the world. The course empowers visionary leaders to leverage Employee Resource Groups to cultivate workplaces that celebrate diversity, foster belonging, and empower employees to be their best selves. 

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“As a Global Employee Resource Group Leader, I saw the issues of ERGs being siloed, directionless and disconnected from an organization’s goals, thus leaving them underfunded and undervalued by the organization. So I created a framework that addresses this, as well as other roadblocks in corporate environments,” explains Sharitta Marshall, founder of Visionary Development Consulting. 

Sharitta Marshall, founder of Visionary Development Consulting

Adds Marshall, “And now we provide this strategic, data-driven and employee-centric solution that connects ERG programming to organizational KPIs, which fosters a workplace culture that nurtures creativity, innovation and engagement. This translates into increased productivity, profitability, and retention rates for organizations that commit to implementing our innovative approach.” 

Marshall is a Global Employee Resource Group leader who saw the disconnect between support for ERGs and organizational outcomes, so she developed a resource that addressed this and other roadblocks in corporate environments. She combined her MBA, DEI and Instructional Design certifications; project and program management experience; and her work experience in SaaS, Ed Tech, and executive leadership to create a framework that provides value to members while also showing value to organizations. She’s committed to creating a more equitable world by sharing tools and resources that support belonging, equity, and inclusion in workplaces. 

The ERG Program Management Certification course empowers business leaders to create a strategic plan for their ERG program, from designing the most effective program using ERG roadmapping, to measuring the success of their efforts while connecting belonging, equity and inclusion to the bottom line. The certification is specifically designed for leaders responsible for managing and overseeing their organization’s ERG program, including program managers, HR professionals and diversity and inclusion leaders.