On average, only 2.5% of the organizations are capable of completing 100% of projects successfully. To achieve a project effectively, it is efficient to control a large number of activities and ensure that they get completed on time. If you finish any task out of the sequence or miss any deadline, then it can raise severe effects on the rest of the project. Businesses can use Gantt charts to keep their team as well as clients informed about progress.

Gantt charts help in outlining all the project tasks as well as its sequence against a timescale. Almost 39% of the projects get failed due to a lack of project planning. It helps in providing an instant overview of the project when there is an urgency to finish the task. However, only 40% of business companies understand the importance of PMP training. It is preferable to update the chart to show any schedule change as well as their implications while completing the project.

Why use Gantt charts in project management?

When the professionals set up Gantt charts, they start thinking about all tasks involved within a project. The professionals need to work out who will be responsible for the job and how long it will take to complete all tasks professionally. It helps in ensuring that project scheduling is workable. Moreover, organizations can make sure that the correct team is assigned to project completion. Along with it, the professionals can ensure that they have workarounds for problems arising in the project while starting it.

60% of projects failed to have a short duration, even they last less than a year. The Gantt charts help the business to work out practical aspects of the project. In addition to it, the organizations can use Gantt charts to identify the critical path and sequence of associated tasks within the project.

How to create Gantt charts for project management?

Identification of essential tasks

Unless Gantt charts include all necessary activities required for the project, they cannot provide any useful information. Thus, to start creating Gantt charts, it is preferable to list all the essential activities. After that, professionals need to break down process structure and establish individual tasks properly. Along with it, businesses can add a note of the starting date and its estimated time of completion.

Identification of tasks relationship

The Gantt charts show the established relationship between the various functions within a project. Some tasks within the project need to get completed before starting it. It is not essential to do every task in a parallel sequence, but it is necessary to finish some of the tasks effectively. It is beneficial to identify which tasks are required to complete first. When you find any dependency within functions, then you can note down the relationship between features. It will provide an understanding of organizing the project and scheduling activities on Gantt charts.

Input activities into the template

The professionals can either draw Gantt charts by hand or can use a specialist template. Some of the efficient tools ensure that the business team can access the document instantly from any location. It helps the business to discuss, optimize, and report a project.

Benefits of using Gantt charts in project management

Improved cohesion and improved communication

Communication is a critical part of project management, which can either help in business development or can break it. Around 86% of employees feel a lack of communication in business. Gantt charts help in providing crystal clear communication to the company. Project managers can use Gantt charts to know which employee is working and give input on specific projects. Gantt charts help in eliminating the need for having a different tool for tracking tasks.

Measure project progress

Once an employee schedule project in Gantt charts, they can check the development of projects effectively. The feature of Gantt charts enables professionals to measure the growth of the project if it lags behind its definite schedule. The project managers have the authority to update the complete percent of tasks on Gantt charts. Such information is beneficial to determine if the project is leading in the right path or not.

Time management

Many business managers find Gantt charts as one of the most significant benefits in project management. It is because Gantt charts software helps the project managers to understand the severity of time if it delays while managing the project. When the professionals have a unified view of the overall project progress, then they can efficiently allocate time to every single task. It helps professionals to manage projects with the exact completion and execution timing.

Look at task dependencies

The project manager cannot start a particular task unless they complete another job, which is dependent on the former one. Such task dependencies can develop things that are challenging to manage, especially in the case of complex projects. You can easily find which projects are dependent by overviewing them on Gantt charts software. Along with it, Gantt charts are helpful to look at the overall progress and equal responsibilities.

Motivate remote team members

Almost 75% of employees prefer to quit their jobs and change it for a remote position. Remote work is trending in the world of project management. However, some challenges need to get overcome while working with the remote business team. When professionals manage the project with the remote team, and then face some obstacles while keeping everyone on track. However, Gantt charts make it easier for remote employees to work together by staying on the same page. It becomes easy to access the project progress, keeping an eye on everyone’s work, and many more.

Avoid overload

When resources get stretched to various processes, then it can raise multiple problems. Gantt charts allow the team managers to use resources effectively. It becomes easy to look at the project’s timeline with efficiency and utilize the supplies effectively. The project managers can delegate tasks and align different resources without any overloading. When supplies get correctly managed, then the project can be completed within the given deadlines and budget as well.

Know every detail about the project

The most significant advantage of using Gantt charts in project management is to look at everything related to the project. Gantt charts act as a visualization or prioritization tool which provides an in-depth overview of the project. Online Gantt charts help equip project managers with the crucial information which they need to oversee while managing tasks. It provides critical information about the order of functions, start-to-end dates, and duration to complete the project, dependencies, and many more.


Gantt charts are the ideal choices for the project team to use them for organizing different tasks and get an overview of various projects execution. In today’s time, Gantt charts are widely in development teams as well as in IT project management.