Let’s be honest here. With rising competition on Tiktok, it is increasingly becoming difficult to gain more followers and get more views on the videos. Unless your content is unique or something which the audience has not seen before, it would not help to get views and likes in the short and long term.  Everyone is trying hard to decode the solution to get more TikTok views and likes and we have the formula for it.

Tiktok has an algorithm that determines how many people will see the post. The key to getting more views and likes lies in understanding how the algorithm works and customizing the posts to fit into it.  There are certain ways one can even buy TikTok views. Everything will be discussed in details but for that you have to read below!

1. Adding hashtags to your videos

Hashtags helps to explore a whole lot of audience which you have not known or discovered before. But again, choosing the right hashtag is a tough task to do. You have to do relevant research to know which hashtag will work the best for you. For eg, if you are performing a viral lip syncing challenge, then use the most trending hashtag with it.

People who follow the tag will be able to see your video and your video might just become trending. Also, if the challenge is trending, your video too might get boosted increasing the number of views to it. Many influencers have grown this way and many people have started to earn through it. Some guidelines for hashtags are given below –

• Adding 2 to 3 hashtags is ideal.

• Do not keep using the same hashtag again and again.

• Instead, use 1 popular, 1 less popular and 1 hashtag relating to the sound.

• Before using any hashtag, you should check the number of views of it.

2. Making high quality videos and being creative

High quality videos require some good investment. In order to make the best quality videos for Tiktok, one has to have the best camera, best lightning, best background and best video editing software.

• Best Camera – If you are using a smartphone for filming the videos, then we would suggest going for IPhones.

• Best Lighting – Using lighting bulbs of same intensity and same power is advisable. Use hit and trial methods to find your best angle which has maximum light intensity.

• Best Background– It is completely up to you what kind of background you want to choose. Use an aesthetic background that users might find appealing and soothing.

• Best Video Editing Software – anyone can make good videos but not everyone can edit it nicely. Editing is the main key to any good video. Various apps like VivaVideo, InShot, Adobe Premiere Pro are available on the Playstore for video editing.

These small investments combined with creativity will go a long way to make your videos a success thereby increasing bot, views and likes.

3. Collaborating with other TikTok influencers and video creators

An important factor to making one million followers in a month is a team. You can compare people who have single handedly created videos and people who are making videos with their teams. They are all increasing their followers and growing together.

People working with each other mention their names in their respective accounts before posting and I this way people can get to know the others.

Pro Tip – Adding a team member of the opposite gender will help in increasing views and followers in a faster pace.

4. Use TikFuel to buy TikTok likes and followers

For people who are looking to grow quickly on the platform, they need to spend a few bucks in the initial stage for views, likes and followers.

We suggest you to use TikFuel which is the leading provider of Tiktok services. One has to choose the package – as in the number of followers, likes and views he wants to buy; then set up a username and then receive the order. It is that easy! There are many pros of using TikFuel –

• TikFuel does not ask for any password.

• Their customer service is available 24*7.

• The delivery is very speedy and safe.

The only con here is that one has to spend money. And every return requires investment so it is totally worth it.

5. Sharing post on other platforms

Every TikTok video should be posted on other social media platforms you are active on. Make it a point of posting it on your stories as well. Insert your Tiktok link in Instagram’s bio so that more followers can visit your TikTok profile.

Do not forget to post it on Facebook, Pinterest. You might be wondering as of now that why are we asking to post it on Pinterest – well, Tiktok videos are immensely popular on Pinterest and you can get more Tiktok likes from there as well.

Using Promo Republic is the best way to share these videos on other social media platforms.

If you have liked these tips, then do keep coming back to us for more such content! We would obviously love to see you as the next best influencer on Tiktok taking the game to the next level!!!