Marketing on the internet has changed dramatically in recent years. Traditional browser-based ads using banners and pop-ups are less effective on mobile formatted sites, especially when the mobile device in question has pop-up blockers installed.

Relatively few people use computers for non-work-related browsing now that the majority of the population have smartphones. Internet marketing has had to change its face to keep up with current trends in technology.

Recent data suggests that the average person on the internet spends over 140 minutes a day on social media, every day of the year. Each of these social media channels allows some type of advertising, so getting ads to people is not that difficult.

The challenge lies in getting people to actually engage with your ads. Creative video ads do this in ways that few other formats can. Here are some tips to help make sure your investment in video content is worthwhile.

Identify and Solve a Problem

Every product or service-based business in the world exists for one reason only: to solve a problem. The problem might be something you were unaware of before the product existed, but good marketing will make you realize that problem is major, and they need your business to solve it.

If your video opens with a product shot, and a “look what we can do” it is not likely to get much engagement. People need a reason to click, and a reason to keep watching. Leading with the solution before clearly establishing what it is a solution to will not yield great results.

Start Strong

If you are advertising on a social media platform like TikTok, users will decide in the first ten seconds if the video is worth a watch. They may change their mind and scroll on at any point after that, so all the content should be good, but if it doesn’t grab them at the beginning, you won’t have a chance to get to the important part.

This could mean a lot of different things, as long as it is brand-appropriate and matches the voice of your company. Do you choose a comedic or informative tone? Do you play to their concerns, or focus on the frivolous? Each of these decisions is impacted by who you are and who you are speaking to, but no matter what, you should grab their attention quickly.

Focus on What Sets You Apart

Why is your company the best solution to the problem that you have established? Keep the video focused on those strengths, otherwise, you have just given them a reason to research a problem and potentially land on a competitor as the solution.

Some brands don’t even focus on why they are a better solution, they focus on why they are a better company. Perhaps they have better environmental practices than competitors, or

They provide a better environment for their employees. Just focus on whatever matters most to you as a company, and what will matter to your audience.

Get Some Help

Unless your company is a marketing firm, you probably aren’t experts in any of this. Focusing your energies on trying to make video content is quite often a distraction from the business of your business.

A video marketing campaign is going to have some pronounced costs. It makes sense to get the most out of that investment, and seeking expert help may save you a lot of money, and help guarantee the campaign is actually effective.

Putting it all together, you want to get every penny’s worth out of your video advertising. Focus on what problem you solve, and why you are the best choice to solve it, and you will do well. Seek help from experts to get the best result possible, and your campaign will be a success!