Phoenix voters on Tuesday approved an ambitious plan to invest $500 million to improve city parks, build new libraries, fire and police stations, as well as strengthen the city’s ability to support affordable housing and homelessness efforts. It is the first time a bond has been on the ballot in the city in 17 years.  The General Obligation (GO) Bond program effort, launched more than a year ago by Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and the City Council, invests:

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• $214 million for fire, police, roadway and pedestrian infrastructure projects; 

• $109 million for library, parks and historic preservation projects; 

• $114 million for education, economic development, upgrades of city facilities for energy efficiency, and arts and culture projects; and 

• $63 million for affordable housing and a new senior center. 

“Thanks to our voters, Phoenix will be able to devote funding towards new libraries, new and improved fire stations, a one-of-a-kind ASU medical school, a long overdue Latino Cultural Center, and so much more,” Gallego said. “This down-payment on our future will help us meet the demands we’re facing as a growing city.”

Last June, Gallego and City Council approved moving forward with a proposed GO Bond program after not having a city bond election since 2006. Between June and December, the City Council appointed a citizen’s GO Bond Committee, chaired by Sharon Harper, which evaluated and prioritized proposed projects to ultimately deliver a set of recommendations that were approved in December 2022.  

The four bond measures passed with overwhelming support, well into the double-digit margin. The planning and beginning of bond spending will start in January 2024. The projects the public will see first are parks grants and subsequent renovations, as well as new fire stations. 

See what the Phoenix City Council is saying about the good news

“Without raising taxes, Phoenix voters made the right choice by approving the bond measures, paving the way for significant investments in our city and I want to thank them. I can’t wait to see how the GO Bonds will bring to life many projects in District 8, like the Cesar Chavez Senior Center, renovation and expansion of the Children’s Museum, the Community Assistance Program, construction of the Esteban Park Recreation Center, splash pads at Harmon Park, roadway safety and drainage improvements, additional affordable housing units and other citywide improvements,” Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington said. Hodge Washington chaired the GO Bond campaign. 

“This investment in Phoenix is critical to assisting our public safety and reducing our call response times,” Councilwoman Ann O’Brien said. “I’m so thankful to the voters of Phoenix for understanding the value of our bond package and for approving the questions, ensuring Phoenix can continue to invest in infrastructure for years to come.” 

“The General Obligation Bond Program will allow us to accomplish several much-needed capital improvement projects in our growing city. I am particularly excited that Fire Station 7 in Sunnyslope, the busiest in the city, will be rebuilt to meet the current needs of our residents and first responders,” Councilwoman Debra Stark added. 

“With this bond, we can now move forward with projects like the long-awaited Latino Cultural Center and the revitalization of the Rio Salado,” Councilwoman Laura Pastor said.“I’m thrilled to see our community come together to support the bond package. The voters have spoken, and they have a commitment to investing in our future.” 
“The voters of Phoenix have spoken, and we are thrilled that the bond has been approved.  This bond represents a significant step forward in enhancing community safety, improving quality of life, and creating a more efficient and modern city for all – and we could not be more excited. Together, these investments will create a brighter future for Phoenix – a place where businesses flourish, talent thrives, tourism booms, and residents enjoy an improved quality of life,” Councilwoman Betty Guardado said. 

“I’m excited by the results of tonight’s GO Bond election.  Many people worked hard to get to this point, and we should all be happy about Phoenix voters stepping up to pass all four measures,” Councilman Kevin Robinson said.“Tonight’s result highlights our community’s dedication to building lasting infrastructure and a better Phoenix.” 
“Our district has long awaited the promised amenities in the GO Bond, particularly the Estrella Civic Space Park and Library. I’m thrilled that the passage of the GO Bond will secure those investments,” Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari said.“This historic GO Bond package will secure our city’s future as a sustainable, equitable and welcoming city.”