Many people have recently been thinking about creating a reserve airfield in the countries of the southern continents. Territories in the Caribbean are particularly popular. For example, it is possible to obtain civil status for financing programs or buying real estate. However, they are really different from similar projects in Vanuatu. Vladlena Baranova, an expert from the Immigrant Invest agency, tells us about this in detail.

Potential of Caribbean Programs

In these territories, special schemes have long been in place, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the status of a subject if you contribute a certain amount of money to special funds or invest in the purchase of real estate. As for the latter, this acquisition can pay off within a few years. And this becomes a good reason to get a passport of St. Lucia.  Potential citizens can obtain the possibility of unhindered entry into the territory of Schengen, Great Britain and the countries of the British Commonwealth.

List of Caribbean CDI Countries

The following territories have acquisition programs in the region:

  • St. Kitts and Nevis;
  • St. Lucia;
  • Antigua and Barbuda.

Process Caribbean citizenship for investment- a very real opportunity to secure a warm place in a place with a favorable climate, high standard of living and excellent conditions for doing business. That is why many people consider such an opportunity.

What are Investment Options?

Among St lucia citizenship benefits stand out not only the favorable geographical location, but also various acceptable offers for applicants. To acquire the second identity document of this small state, the following sponsorship infusions are required:

  • 100,000 dollars to the National Economic Fund;
  • 250,000 dollars to purchase bonds and other securities;
  • 300,000 dollars in real estate approved by government agencies.

Interestingly, this is the minimum funding, in order for the next of kin to become citizens additional costs are needed.  To become a citizen of this country, you need to fulfill several requirements: 18 years of age, no criminal record and provision of all necessary documents.


The public policy of acquiring additional citizenship in the Caribbean involves several circumstances. The main Saint Lucia citizenship advantages  include:

  • quick processing (up to six months);
  • visa-free entry into the country;
  • confidentiality;
  • no need for residency;
  • transparent procedure;
  • favorable tax climate.

Recipients need only contact licensed legal immigration agencies.

Vanuatu Program as Alternative

Since 2017, a number of changes have been made to the immigration legislation of this small country. Now foreigners can become citizens in 2-3 months. However, this status is considered prestigious and does not entitle the holder to participate in political life in such a territory. But it gives the opportunity to live in a tropical country with a fairly high standard of living and other good conditions.

Investments Options

Like other countries in the southern continent, it is also possible to become a citizen in Vanuatu. To do so, you must fund a development support program by paying the following fees:

  • 130,000 dollars (single applicant);
  •  150,000 dollars (principal applicant with spouse);
  • 165,000 dollars (spouse with a child);
  • 180,000 dollars (spouses with two children).

Also included in the cost are fees for additional dependents ($15,000) and completion of required background checks ($5,000). It turns out that the Vanuatu investment program – more economical, as it involves only making certain contributions without buying real estate. In addition, you can apply directly to the state authorities, while in the Caribbean for obtaining the status will require the services of an immigration lawyer.


In southern countries, the civil status provides for some peculiarities. So, among Vanuatu passport advantages it is worth highlighting:

  1. The opportunity to live in a picturesque and peaceful country. There are no military operations on this territory, and also natural landscapes are pleasing to the eye.
  2. Unimpeded travel to 130 countries. Holders of a civilian license can travel to Britain or to territories that are part of the Schengen zone.
  3. Favorable tax regime. Citizens may not have to pay income or inheritance tax. There are also no capital gains levies to pay.

To acquire citizenship, you need to be 18 years old, have no criminal record and confirm the presence of 250,000 dollars in the account.

Final Comparison

It turns out that both southern states offer favorable opportunities to obtain additional citizenship. The immigration laws do not require renunciation of citizenship status in one’s home country. However, the programs of Vanuatu and the Caribbean countries differ from each other in some features.

While in Santa Lucia a holder of citizenship can participate in the political process, in Vanuatu there is no such option. In addition, in the latter country it is only necessary to pay separate sums to the development fund. Real estate will not have to be purchased. However, the requirements of reaching the age of majority, having no criminal record and fulfilling financial obligations remain common. The choice between these programs rests solely with foreigners wishing to find a second homeland.