The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation officially launched Wellness AtoZ, its full-featured, multifaceted community wellness initiative aimed at making Arizona and the Greater Phoenix region known as destinations for healthy talent and a healthy community.

Wellness AtoZ offers free wellness resources to all businesses, which can be used to launch a wellness program or to complement or enhance an existing program.

“I’d recommend employers find out what Wellness AtoZ is all about,” said Jeff Stelnik, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Sales and Marketing for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. “Because whether they have an established program like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona or are starting from scratch, there are aspects of Wellness AtoZ that will support any employer.”

Community wellness/quality of life is one of the top factors businesses consider when looking to relocate and a considerable factor in keeping existing businesses in our community. Workplace wellness programs are proven to attract talent, improve employee retention, increase productivity and decrease absenteeism.

“We launched Wellness AtoZ to help identify the Greater Phoenix region as a destination for health and wellness,” said Jennifer Mellor, Vice President of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation. “We have companies of all sizes participating. Wellness AtoZ is turnkey and flexible – any company can participate.”