One Step Beyond, Inc. (OSBI), the leading provider of innovative education programs for adults who have intellectual disabilities, is hiring for more than 20 open positions at its Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale and Surprise locations. An organization known for changing lives and community perceptions about individuals who have disabilities, One Step Beyond is looking for compassionate people committed to providing care and opportunity so participants can turn their dreams into reality.

“Our organization increases community awareness, knowledge and respect for individuals who have intellectual disabilities,” said One Step Beyond CEO Madison Blanton. “We do this through strategic partnerships and innovative programming that empowers participants to be independent and contribute to their community. Increased demand for our services has prompted the need for additional locations and increased staffing.”

Open positions are in the following areas: culinary, music, transportation, operations, direct support and community integration services.

One Step Beyond provides programs and services online and in-person that empower individuals with disabilities to realize the opportunities that lead to achieving the fundamental components of a fulfilling life: maximum independence, meaningful work, enriching social relationships, and full inclusion in community life.

“One Step Beyond is committed to continuing essential services for individuals and families in our community,” added Blanton. “As a result, we have continued some of our vital in-person programs. However, out of an abundance of caution and to minimize risk to our participants and staff, we made necessary adjustments in the way we deliver our services including offering online programming.”

To view a list of open positions, visit the One Step Beyond website at