Gummi World today announced the company will hold a ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremony for its new, dietary supplement manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona.

The ceremony will take place December 13, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 70 North Juniper Dr. Chandler. The Mayor of Chandler is expected to attend.

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Selected as one of the Top 100 Companies in Chandler, the multimillion-dollar facility will bring hundreds of new jobs to the area with competitive salaries.

Gummi World chose Chandler for its high-quality, experienced labor force and market reach. Additionally, the community of Chandler is committed to developing a sense of place that brings in visitors and enriches the lives of residents.

With that in mind, the Gummi World architectural design team purposefully placed plexiglass walls throughout the facility for an unprecedented, unobstructed experience in the world of dietary supplements.

“Most of the dietary supplement industry is highly unregulated and shrouded in secrecy. We want clients and consumers to witness firsthand the extensive effort and quality control methods we put into place which make our products superior to all others,” said Dr. Ayan Monpara, Gummi World Chief Medical Officer.

The customized building empowers Gummi World to expand production capabilities beyond gummies. Their top-of-the-line machinery and specialized drying rooms will accommodate the long list of clients the company is working with to produce gummy vitamins, soft gels, hard capsules, and other innovative delivery formats. To expedite this process, there are multiple conference rooms within the facility for prospective or current clients and partners to engage in collaborations of their custom dietary supplement formulation.